Who We Are

The Metis Group is a meritocracy, which means that each of our people has

earned his and her spot on our roster and is a proven performer able to operate in a collaborative, professional environment. As we are client-focused, our organization is structured to be forward-thinking and agile. It is our corporate culture and our basis of operations. Hallmarks of The Metis Group LLC

  • The Metis Group LLC is user-friendly. Our personnel work well with all levels of organizations and stakeholders and work is performed on time, on task and on budget.
  • The Metis Group LLC is a low-risk proposition. Since 1999, we have a track record of success and have worked in high visibility/high stake environments and have succeeded.
  • The Metis Group LLC is cost effective. We work smart, finding the best way to accomplish the goal and focus on achieving it.


Who We Are

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Capability Statement

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