Brand Promotion & Management

The Metis Group promotes brands and manages programs associated with leading brands. Through our approach to service, market opportunity is captured and greater visibility is gained. We drive program participation and awareness. As the only firm to represent both of our national symbols, The Metis Group is the leader in environmentally conscious licensing. In addition, we promote services, programs and products and gain access to targeted markets for our clients. Following are component services that are employed in The Metis Group’s comprehensive brand promotion and management services.

  • Communications
  • Licensing
  • Marketing Representation
  • Outreach
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Program Promotion

NAICS codes for the services include the following:

NAICS – Code Description

533110 – Trademark and Brand Licensing

541613 – Marketing Management Consulting

541810 – Advertising Agency Consulting Services

541840 – Media Advertising Representative 541910 – Marketing Research and Analysis