Smokey Bear is accepting new licensees!

Smokey Bear is the national symbol for wildfire education and prevention. Become an official Smokey Bear Licensee, be a part of an iconic brand and help spread the wildfire prevention message. Sales from officially licensed merchandise assist in providing education for wildfire prevention.

Licensees benefit from a history of 70+ years of American culture and social consciousness created by Smokey Bear. As an evergreen property, Smokey Bear is immediately recognized, trusted and embraced. Learn more about the Smokey Bear licensing value proposition.

All categories of products and market segments are sought.  To learn more about becoming a part of the Smokey Bear Licensing Program, please click here.

The image and likeness of Smokey Bear are protected and use enforced.  Report unauthorized or questionable uses of Smokey Bear to The Metis Group.

Smokey The Bear

Official Smokey Bear Licensed Merchandise

Smokey Bear is our national symbol for wildfire prevention. Created by an Act of Congress (PL 82-359, as amended PL 93-318), the Smokey Bear Licensing Program funds wildfire prevention education. Read more about Smokey Bear at

As licensing agent, The Metis Group promotes opportunities for Smokey Bear product placements, identifies and signs licensees and assists current licensees with program and royalty compliance.

If there are any questions about the licensing program or licensees, please contact us by email at or by telephone at 202.822.5080.

Smokey The Bear

Get ready as Smokey Bear prepares to celebrate his 70th anniversary in 2014. New images and logos are available for use by our licensees. Wildfire prevention remains Smokey’s key message.

Smokey is updated with humanistic appearance and a new ad campaign “Get Your Smokey On”.

The ad campaign appears across all media and changes Smokey’s tag line to “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires”.

Smokey turns 60 in 2007.


In 1997, Smokey celebrates his 50th anniversary.

Smokey’s image evolves with greater detail and shading. His popularity grows as a rapper, rock star and idol of public service announcements.


Smokey celebrates 40 years as the national symbol for wildfire/forest fire prevention and education.

Smokey changes his look and hits the radio with a series of PSAs from B.B. King, the Grateful Dead, Spock, Cheech & Chong, the Animals and Barbara Mandrel. He has permeated all popular culture.

Smokey’s features become more defined, but his message stays consistent.

Smokey’s place in history is solidifies. Public service announcements, merchandise and education continue to expand. Smokey Bear is modified slightly in appearance for the times.
The National Symbols Program has children’s activities and resources to spread the message of prevention. The U.S. Postal Service has a Smokey Bear stamp. Smokey Bear merchandise is on the rise.
1n 1950, following a large fire on the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico, an orphaned bear cub was discovered on the burn. The little cub is named “Smokey Bear”.
The bear club

Smokey Bear is seen on posters, as a stuffed animal toy and as statues throughout the country.

His appearance is updated to a rounder, softer Smokey Bear.

Smokey Bear is embraced as part of American culture through the song “Smokey The Bear”


The National Advertising Council, an outgrowth of the War Advertising Council, developed and supported “Smokey Bear” as a symbol for forest fire protection, beginning in 1944. The original line of "Smokey Says – Care Will Prevent 9 out of 10 Forest Fires" was created.

In 1947, the saying was changed to “Remember….Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”. The first posters and messages from Smokey Bear.