Each company, individual or organization is the sole owner of all information and pictures pertaining to their properties. None of the information or pictures can be copied, used or duplicated for either personal or business purposes without prior written permission from the individual owners of the properties.

All products and brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All characters and all related slogans and indicia are trademarks of the respective copyright owners.


There is widespread misuse of Smokey Bear for the “Resist” Movement and unlicensed, illegal products are now being produced.

Smokey’s name and slogan are managed by the Forest Service, the Ad Council and the National Association of State Foresters and protected by Congressional Law:  The Smokey Bear Act, P.L. 82-359, as amended by P.L. 93-318 regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture (36 CFR 271), and 18 USC ch.33-711. Smokey’s name, image and slogan, whether in entirety or in part, should only be used in conjunction with a wildfire prevention message.  By words or illustrations, Smokey Bear should not endorse a commercial product, service, political position or anything other than a wildfire prevention message.

Although Freedom of Speech is allowed, using Smokey Bear’s name, use or slogan for something other than wildfire prevention is still an inappropriate use.

Any commercial use (i.e. products sold, money raised, etc.) that is clearly associated with Smokey Bear’s name, slogan or image is an illegal use and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Illegal use should be reported to The Metis Group at

Over 70 years of vigilance and hard work by many generations have gone into the wildfire prevention effort. Please be mindful of these rules and respect one of America’s most successful and longest-running public service campaigns by only using his image appropriately.

Ms. Libby Kavoulakis, the owner of The Metis Group (contractor/ licensing agent for Smokey Bear) is fighting to protect the image and likeness of Smokey Bear. While conscientiously performing on the contract requirements, a cease & desist letter was sent to an amateur artist in San Diego who created and was selling illegal, unauthorized Smokey Bear products. Instead of obeying the law, the person’s husband set up a libelous website whereby false allegations and threats have been made against Ms. Kavoulakis and her company, The Metis Group LLC. This is unacceptable. Not only is it illegal and in direct violation of U.S. law to use Smokey Bear without a license, but it also undermines the high quality, officially licensed merchandise offered by our licensees.

We ask for your support in refuting the lies and the misplaced attempt to harm both Ms. Kavoulakis and her company. The Metis Group has been dedicated to the success of the Smokey Bear Licensing Program for seven years, and, under the leadership of Ms. Kavoulakis, has made it a robust, high quality professional program. We stand by Libby Kavoulakis and the hard work of The Metis Group in protecting our National Symbols and enforcing the Smokey Bear Act.

Thank you!