The Metis Group

The Metis Group is the program manager and licensing agent for Smokey Bear. We are pleased to discuss the program, provide information and work with our licensees and prospects to grow awareness of officially licensed Smokey Bear merchandise.

Our Role

As the licensing agent, The Metis Group serves as the conduit between the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and the licensees, prospects and public interested in licensing Smokey Bear. Services are performed as part of our Brand Promotion and Management practice, which includes the full spectrum of Licensing services and representation.

The licensing program for Smokey Bear was created under Public Law 03-318. Smokey Bear is protected under 16 U.S. C. 580 P-1.

The Metis Group performs the following services for the Forest Service and our Smokey Bear Licensees:

  • Promote the Smokey Bear Licensing Program
    • Attract new licensees.
    • Seek new products through new licensees and growth of existing licensees.
    • Maintain the Smokey Bear Licensing Program website (
    • Attend trade shows and outreach events to promote the program.
      • The Metis Group will be representing Smokey Bear at the Licensing Expo  in Las Vegas, NV  in June . Please stop by our booth or schedule an appointment.
  • Work with existing Smokey Bear Licensees
    • Answer questions and provide information.
    • Screen products for approval and forward to Forest Service with approval recommendation.
    • Distribute opportunities for product development, placement and publicity.
    • Execute renewals, amendments and terminations of licenses.
    • Develop documents and obtain necessary signatures.
    • Maintain all legal and licensing documents.
    • Track and aggregate royalties and royalty reports each quarter.
  • Protect Smokey Bear’s image
    • Monitor and ensure proper use of Smokey Bear on licensed merchandise.
    • Cease unauthorized and illegal uses of the likeness and character of Smokey Bear.
    • Maintain the library of official Smokey Bear images.
    • Please report any questionable uses of Smokey Bear, his likeness or character to

The Metis Group serves as the single source for all Smokey Bear Licensing Program questions and information. We are honored to be entrusted with these important responsibilities and appreciate any feedback on making the Smokey Bear Licensing Program a greater success.


Contact the Smokey Bear Licensing Program

There are several ways to contact The Metis Group as the program manager for the Smokey Bear Licensing Program.

Our offices are open from 8:30 AM t 6:00 PM Monday to Friday. We check the email daily and throughout the day.







Smokey Bear Licensing Program
c/o The Metis Group LLC
1900 M Street NW, Suite 400
Washington DC 20036

Visit our company website for additional information about The Metis Group and our work with Smokey Bear.


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