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METIS Consulting Group
Your Trusted Advisor

in Identity and Access Management

Our team brings over two decades of specialized experience in Identity and Access Management. For us, this journey began with a singular vision: IAM provides its greatest value when it is at the nexus of Business Enablement, mature Security and IT alignment.  This vision drives us, you will experience it reflected in all the services we provide. We have a great passion about IAM and its this vision and our passion that has fueled many successes over the years.

We’ve witnessed the evolution of IAM, molded best practices, and spearheaded future-ready innovations. Every strategy we craft, every solution we offer, is a culmination of real-world experiences spanning across industries. Combined with our vision this ensures that what you get isn’t just market-leading, but a custom fit for your unique business narrative.

But why choose us?


Expertise: Two decades in the field haven’t just made us observers, but trendsetters. We possess methodologies and custom-designed frameworks that are not mere theoretical constructs but born from tangible challenges and successes.

Holistic Approach: We don't just provide solutions; we build ecosystems. Our proficiency spans across all IAM domains, ensuring you have a partner who understands the intricate web of Identity Governance, Access Management, Privileged Access Management, and Customer IAM.

Security First: Cybersecurity and risk mitigation are more than table-stakes, they are imperatives that require IAM. We have to be right 100% of the time, a bad actor only has to be right once. 

Business-Centric: At our core, we believe in the power of IAM as a tool for business enablement. We're not just fortifying defenses; we're opening gateways to growth, scalability, and innovation.

In a world where the digital identity is central to business commerce, security and IT success, partner with a name synonymous with trust, expertise, and innovation. Partner with us. Let's co-author your next success story in your IAM journey.

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